Breast augmentation – 14 point plan to better outcomes

A recent newsletter from Johnson & Johnson featured the 14 point plan that ISHC’s A/Prof Deva helped develop to improve outcomes in breast augmentation.

Watch the video interview where A/Prof. Deva explains the application of the 14 point plan when using breast implants.
Note this video does show images of surgical procedures.
All 14 point are aimed a reducing the risk of bacterial contamination of implants – with the goal to provide the best outcome possible.

See the excerpt from the J&J email  below –

Strategies for Prevention of Device-Associated Infection in Breast Prostheses2 Deva et al have made a number of clinical recommendations to help minimize the development of implant-associated infection2. The 14-Point Plan outlines operative strategies aimed at reducing the risk of bacterial contamination at the time of breast implant insertion. Below are the recommendations to minimize the risk of implant contamination which are supported by clinical and laboratory research.

ref 2: Deva AK, Adams WP, Vickery K. The role of bacterial biofilms in Device-Associated Infection. Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 2013;132:1319-1328.