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Midface lift

The mid-face is an area that is especially prone to ageing.


There is descent of the soft tissue around the cheeks creating an increasing hollowness below the eyes and an increasing shadow along the nasolabial lines. With further ageing, the loss of teeth results in further loss of volume to the midface.


Lifting the midface involves accessing the fat and ligaments that have descended and tightening them. This structure is termed the superficial musculo aponeurotic system (SMAS). Incisions are made in front of and to a varying extent up the back of the ear. The incision in front of the ear is often extended into the temple behind the hairline. The loose fat and ligaments are then tightened and repositioned to provide volume to the midface. In some cases, fat injections are used to further provide midface enhancement. A midface lift can be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures including neck lift, eyelid lift and brow lift.


You will be bruised and swollen for around 7-10 days following the surgery. You will also need to wear a facial compression garment for 3 weeks after the procedure (1st week day and night and weeks 2/3 at night only. At 1 week following the procedure, sutures are removed. At 2 weeks, scar massage is used to minimise visible scars/swelling.


You can return to office/sedentary work at 2 weeks. You can return to normal activities with no restriction after about 2 weeks.

Funding access

No. In select cases of facial paralysis, there are rebates available.


Will I look strange?

One of the most important principles of facial cosmetic surgery is to adhere to the natural proportions and dynamics of the face. The surgeons at ISHC believe that less is more and that a natural looking face is better than an over tightened, unnatural face.

Why fat injections?

The best and most natural filler we have available is fat. As it is your own fat, it is completely biocompatible and has the capacity to incorporate without loss over time. It is important that surgeons be well trained in this delicate technique.

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