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We are proud to announce the new integrated skin cancer program supported by NSW health and the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District.

  • Are you worried about skin cancer?
  • Have you found a spot on your skin that you need checked?
  • Do you have family with a history of skin cancer?
  • Have you spent much time in the sun?
  • Have you ever been significantly sunburned?

You can have a bulk bill skin check at the new integrated skin cancer service and immediate access to specialists and pathology on the spot. The service is proudly supported by the NSW Government and the South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service and is exclusive to Sutherland Shire residents.

At the integrated skin cancer center, our mission is to provide immediate access to the best treatment. Our aim is to ensure that all skin cancers are treated early and effectively to reduce the risk of further spread.

Please call 95252340 to schedule an appointment (no referral is required) or simply fill in this online booking form now.

Once you have filled details please press Send Appointment request. This will generate an email request and we will contact your office or the patient directly to schedule an appointment within 24 hours.

For urgent appointments, please call our office on 95252340 to speak to one of our staff.

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