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Our integrated approach to Specialist Healthcare provides patients with advanced medicine and trusted patient care.

We bring together a senior, trusted and experienced team of specialists from a variety of areas in medicine and surgery including plastic and reconstructive surgery, dermatology, bariatric and paediatric, allergy and immunology all under one roof. Our unique new model provides a seamless access to the skill of these doctors to the treatment of patients. Patients are managed by a multi-disciplinary team which jointly address all aspects of the presenting condition and tailors the treatment plan to ensure that the best treatment is offered.

The benefits for patients

Patients have to access to the right specialist at each stage of their care journey. We reduce your specialist’s referral time and the need for repeated diagnostic tests. Our treatment plan is based on our integrated care philosophy allowing for efficient and effective care surveillance. Our operating model of joint consultation of specialists was established in accordance with best practice guidelines.

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ISHC works closely with referring Doctors to provide best-practice, Integrated, patient focused healthcare

  • ISHC is committed to evidence based practice and to support GPs. For interested Practitioners, the Integrated Specialist Healthcare practice delivers a yearly CPD program
  • Our Specialists share their experience and welcome the opportunity to visit you in your practices. We work closely with GP Practices and provide small group seminars that count towards CPD
  • We also have a large library with presentations, talks and specific research on all related ISHC related topics: Plastics and Cosmetic Surgery, Plastics and Dermatology, Bariatric and Weight Loss Surgery, Paediatrics, Allergy and Immunology—Click here for more information

Integrated Specialist Healthcare Education & Research Foundation in partnership with NSW Health and the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District is launching a new innovation in the care of skin cancer and chronic wounds.

Project Summary

This innovative project aims to establish a new model of multi-level integrated care. It will address two high impact diseases that the NSW population faces in increasing numbers – skin cancer and chronic wounds within a specific geographic zone – the Sutherland Shire. Both these conditions are common – skin cancer impacts on 2 in every 3 Australians in a lifetime incidence and chronic wounds currently account for 57% of community nursing care. Both conditions generate significant costs of treatment both in an ambulatory setting and in hospital admissions, and importantly, have a significant impact on people’s quality of life and social participation.

The new clinical model will be patient centric and focused on delivery of timely assessment and treatment. There will be both horizontal integration of specialist and diagnostic services initiating new training options and IT linkages and vertical integration with primary care and community services in an ambulatory setting. The service will span both private and public locations and has the financial support of a number of new industry partners. It also aims to trigger a wider culture change within the health profession toward integrated care services.

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